Project honors Truckee locals |

Project honors Truckee locals

Publisher's Notes, Jody Poe

Truckee is a place of unparalleled scenic beauty, tangled history and dynamic character. No one could argue with that. But there is more; there is a spirit here, a sense of community. A community, it is clear that has one thing, above all else that makes it unique. That one thing is the people. This town is an incredible collection of people.

The Sierra Sun is introducing a new project that will honor those people.

When I first arrived in Truckee, I was struck with the number of times I heard the words “Truckee local.” It seemed to me a title that was hard earned and proudly worn. It was something I wanted to dig into.

Who are Truckee locals and how does a person become one? After a short time it became clear: A Truckee local is someone at the heart of this community, and the very individual who will be featured in an annual coffee table size magazine called LOCALS.

Our focus will be strictly about the people and the story they have to tell.

We need your help with this project. We’re asking you to nominate the person you think represents the true Truckee local spirit. From the nominations, we’ll select 15 people for our first edition and tell their story. Please join us in this exciting project to uncover the true Truckee locals and honor them.

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Jody Poe is publisher of the Sierra Sun.