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Readers Write: Consensus Builder

Roger Kahn
Tahoe City

I support Kathleen Eagan, Mary Hetherington and Tom Van Berkum for the Truckee Tahoe Airport Board. As a resident of Tahoe City, I have been impressed that Eagan and Hetherington have been able to diffuse the negative situation that had previously existed at the airport. They have been effective in ending the bickering and have brought back a positive culture for change and fairness. Kathleen Eagan is one of the finest consensus builders in the North Tahoe -Truckee area and has provided needed leadership. Mary Hetherington has been a strong board member and supported a balanced approach to problem solving. Tom Van Berkum has proven his worth through four years of leadership on the Airport Advisory Committee and deserves to be supported as the replacement for Paul Vatistas, who is stepping down.

These three individuals will continue to pursue answers to issues they face and ensure that win/win solutions will be found that support pilots, families, and the business community. Please join me in voting for Eagan, Hetherington, and Van Berkum for the Airport Board.