Readers Write: Downtown parking an outrage |

Readers Write: Downtown parking an outrage

Kathleen Simi
Quincy, Calif.

A few weeks ago I drove from Quincy to Truckee because some out of town visitors wanted to see the beautiful town of Truckee. On arriving in Truckee, we decided to eat at Moody’s Bistro because I had been there before and remembered the wonderful service and meal I had there the one other time I had been to Truckee. Exiting my car, I looked for a parking meter and/or a parking sign and did not see one. After our meal, we returned to find a $35 parking ticket on the windshield. I looked around, and down the street on the corner I saw a lone “pay here” sign. I’m sure you’ve gotten many complaints about this unfair parking system, but I want to express that this experience will deter me from ever coming back to Truckee, and it is a shame for the business owners of Truckee. They need to fight this outrageous parking system, because it will only hurt their businesses in the long run. (I did appeal this ticket and explained the situation, including that I have never received a parking ticket in 20 years of driving, and of course it was denied)