Readers Write: Eagan, Hetherington and VanBerkem |

Readers Write: Eagan, Hetherington and VanBerkem

Hardy Bullock

I have worked with the candidates, Eagan, Hetherington, and VanBerkem for the past two years on issues facing the community and the airport. As a pilot I believe this team represents my interest through their continued commitment to collaboration and progressive fiscal responsibility. They care deeply for the airport and our community!

As a pilot I have worked to preserve our airport and its status as a community-friendly asset. This team has proven to me that collaboration and progressive teamwork prevail… the community and the airport win when we work together. Their commitment to reducing annoyance, preserving open space, and refining fiscal responsibility fall in line with my beliefs as a community member, father, and passionate aviator.

I believe the future of our community lies in its ability to choose leaders who can collaborate and find the middle ground. Our airport is a valuable asset and as such it represents not only a place for pilots but a gateway to our region and economy. This team represents our community while defining fiscal responsibility and open space preservation. As an aviator they have my vote, as a father they have my vote.