Readers Write: Help Darci the Datschund |

Readers Write: Help Darci the Datschund

Megan, Matt and Karen Lynch

We would like to thank the residents of Tahoe Donner who have called about our daughter’s dog, Darci. Darci got out of the house Sept. 6 during her visit home. Darci was rescued from the pound herself and is a skittish dog. She is a black Datschund/Chihuahua. She has been seen recently the week of Oct. 1 on Falcon Point several times. She has also been sighted on Muhlebach (near Roundhill), Hansel (where Pathway comes in) and weeks ago on Greenleaf and Pathway. We appreciate people continuing to look for her and the calls we receive. Our prayers are that someone will spot her sleeping under some deck and be able to nab her up one day soon. Please keep calling: 530-587-6978, 530-277-6978 or the animal control has our information. Thank you.