Readers Write: Hillstrom for utility district |

Readers Write: Hillstrom for utility district

Susie Sutphin

Thank you for the Wednesday special edition on the 2008 Election. I really appreciated giving the race for the Truckee Donner Public Utility District board front page attention. I think the importance of the PUD and its board is not known to many. And as we saw from the 2006 coal contract, the leadership of these townspeople controls the future of Truckee’s energy plan.

I had the pleasure of working with Truckee Donner Public Utility District candidate, John Hillstrom, while serving on the volunteer-based Conservation Committee from July 2007-August 2008. In that time, I was continually impressed not only by his comprehensive knowledge of the issues but the pros and cons of all energy options. While not his profession, John takes a personal interest in energy alternatives much like that of a hobby reading trade magazines and keeping abreast on industry blogs. His year-long commitment to the committee demonstrates his investment to ensure Truckee has a diversified energy portfolio.

I think it is important to have representatives from the Conservation Committee on the PUD board because, from the onset, these individuals saw the need for citizen involvement. John Hillstrom will represent the opinion of energy conscious users in the Truckee community. From the election article, I was really interested to learn about his water platform and endorsement for tiered rates. Initiatives like tiered rates will help the community take an active role in the being a part of the solution because the easiest and most implementable thing we can do to combat climate change is conserve!