Readers Write: I Love U |

Readers Write: I Love U

Kurt Reinkens

Oh that beautiful season that comes after summer and before winter where the fall colors are complimented at intersections with random scattering of vibrant campaign signs. It is the season of freedom and free speech. It is when we attempt to manifest our own future. What a wonderful thing.

As I was having this joyous feeling, I came across handmade signs of anger calling for “shame.” I was taken back. I was concerned what would drive one to such negative thoughts, emotions and actions. I went on-line to learn more about bond measure U. I found the community is attempting to take responsibility for its own school facility upgrades in a time when the state is in financial trouble and reducing funding. I was impressed by the sense of community.

I went to the schools discussed and looked around. I was shocked to see the poor condition. As a 20-plus-year local architect and planning commissioner, I know that if this community does not rectify this, we will not attract the businesses we need to replace growth as an industry. We will not attract the families we want.

From the Web site I could calculate the tax burden on my property. I was pleasantly surprised how inexpensive it turned out to get these facilities for our children.

I did more research and found that a similar bond had recently failed due to abysmal voter turnout. I found that a huge number of people had committed support for the bond and then did not show up to vote. I hope those of you can make a few minutes available this election day.

On my next drive around town a saw handmade signs responding to those sad and angry ones. I saw “I love U.” My day was brightened.