Readers Write: Measure U unfair |

Readers Write: Measure U unfair

John Borcich

In response to Carol Meagher’s Oct. 15, article in support of Measure U I have no doubt that the funds are needed to improve the educational experience here in Truckee.

What I quarrel with is how Measure U is funded. By basing it on assessed valuation you are creating tremendous cost disparities from one homeowner to the next. A homeowner who has recently paid $1,000,000 or more for a home will pay several times as much as an owner who has say lived in his or her same home for 10-15 years and has a much lower assessed valuation. Yet the benefits from the passage of Measure U (better schools) do not seem to benefit one homeowner more than the other, even though one is paying a lot more.

A fairer solution and one which is commonly used in a lot of school districts is to impose a parcel tax on all property owners. All parcels are taxed the same annual amount over the life of the tax on the assumption that all parties benefit equally and hence all should equally bear the cost of improving local education. Was such a tax considered here?