Readers Write: Measure V makes sense for Truckee |

Readers Write: Measure V makes sense for Truckee

Tom Hobday

I started coming to Truckee almost 60 years ago, and bought my first property here in 1964. My wife and I became permanent residents after I retired seven years ago.

I remember the days before the Town of Truckee was incorporated when we had to rely on officials from “over the hill” to decide what infrastructure repairs and improvements were needed here. Needless to say, they had no concept of the impact of our legendary winter weather, or the massive increase in population during peak visitor periods. Both of these factors caused immense damage to our roads.

Truckee’s neighborhood streets were literally crumbling and our main roads were deeply rutted and littered with potholes. As soon as our local residents were able, Truckee voters passed Measure A in 1998 creating a 1/2 cent sales tax for street maintenance. This approach shared the investment toward taking care of our streets among all of those who use them: locals, second home owners and visitors.

Using this funding, and every other spare dollar, the town began a methodical process of rebuilding every one of our 150 miles of town-maintained streets.

Today, it is easy to take for granted the fact that our streets are in fine shape. However, due to our severe climate and high traffic visitor periods, on-going maintenance is critical to maintain the current quality. If we do not continuously take care of our roads, the costs of reconstruction and repair will be significantly higher than to maintain them on a regular basis. How will we pay for that?

Measure A contained a 12 year sunset so that voters could gauge the town’s use of this funding source. On your November ballot is Measure V which seeks to replace and extend the 1/2 cent sales tax.

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The town has proven that it uses this revenue source wisely and demonstrates its on-going commitment to quality streets. In addition, the measure contains a mandatory oversight process to ensure that the funds are utilized solely for road maintenance and improvement for the next 20 years.

Please join me in voting yes on Measure V, it makes sense for Truckee.