Readers Write: No room for small-minded candidate |

Readers Write: No room for small-minded candidate

Bill MerriamTruckee

I have what I believe is a legitimate concern with one of the candidates for Town Council, Jamie Brimer. He submitted a letter to the editor last fall () expressing his views on the Suns publication of a Spanish language section, and the Town of Truckees publication of its newsletter in both English and Spanish. A couple of excerpts from Brimers letter. He wrote, In my opinion, when publications, pamphlets, labels and Town of Truckee newsletters are in Spanish as well as English Im baffled. He goes on, writing of his unease with the diversity of languages and cultures in the U.S. concluding with Will this cause our country to fall apart someday? You bet! I’m just not sure what language Ill be speaking when that happens.I personally would hope there is no room for this sort of small-minded fear and distrust in our community, let alone on the Town Council. If you value the diversity of our town and the many valued members of our community who have yet to master English, please vote for a candidate other than Mr. Brimer. Thanks.