Readers Write: Not on television |

Readers Write: Not on television

Eleanore Ann Hamilton, age 8

The night before we went to Barack Obama’s speech at UNR, my sister and I slept in our clothes. My mom woke us up at 5 a.m. We got our Wild Cherries hot chocolate. We drove to Reno. We walked a mile at least before we got in line. Along the way, but at different times, 15 volunteers asked me, “Are you registered to vote?” Well, really, they asked my parents. We waited an hour in line. My grandmother bought us Obama pins. Mine is a picture of lots of different colored peace symbols. Right as we started to play a game of Go Fish, the line started moving. But before we got into Quad, we had to go through the metal detector. They scanned me (and my mom too) like they do with foods at the grocery store.

We were in the Quad at last! When we found our spot, everybody crowded in. The grass filled up quickly. We played some cards and we did trivia questions … for two hours! I got boiling hot. Sometimes, we stretched a little because we’d been sitting a lot ” at the feet of all the other people that were there. It was like looking through a forest of legs. I got claustrophobic.

A little before 10 a.m., a flock of geese in a V formation flew overhead. The crowd was really bored and was glad that there was some action at last, so we all hooted and hollered and pointed, too. A little bit after that, Barack Obama came onto the stage. The geese were like a sign of him coming.

I got on my daddy’s shoulders and looked behind me. I realized we were quite close to the stage because there were thousands of people behind me and only a few in front. I put up my hands and did thumbs up and waved. He was there, right in front of me, not on the television. I remember looking at him and clapping when the crowd clapped. It was a crowd of more than 10,000 people. And I was one of them.