Readers Write: Offensive and in poor taste |

Readers Write: Offensive and in poor taste

Lore McLaren

This is an open letter to the No on U Campaign.

OK, people, listen up: I am currently undecided about how I will vote on Measure U. So far, I have read some goods points on both sides of this issue. I intend to study the measure and make the best decision I can.

However, if the No on U Campaign is trying to convince me to vote against the measure, the “FU” sign that one of your compadres has placed on Glenshire Drive is the wrong way to go about it. This sign is offensive and in poor taste. It is exactly this kind of crass behavior that needs to be excised from politics in this country.

If anything, that sign stands a good likelihood of convincing me to vote Yes on U ” because whoever made it would clearly benefit from some additional education.