Readers Write: Post office problems |

Readers Write: Post office problems

Bob Stull

The post office lost over 20 pieces of mail that I delivered (with postage) to the inside drop of the downtown office on and around Sept. 20-23. As a result, my payments to my banks, my mortgage payments and my credit cards all were never received.

This resulted in my cards not working when I went to buy gas, and extra charges to my bills as they were late. I have been in business in this town for over 25 years. How can anyone run a business with this sort of thing happening?

This poor management and theft of my mail is not going to be tolerated. I was not the only person who had mail disappear. There were two other people in the post office several days afterwards, with the same complaints. How can mail just simply disappear?

I think someone in the postal system is stealing it. I think there needs to be an investigation and also there needs to be someone in charge down there who can make responsible decisions. Presently I was informed that there is no postal inspector. How can the post office run when no one is in charge?

We even lost mail that went from Truckee to Truckee! I am fed up with the postal system in our town and there needs to be some accountability. When we went to inquire on the lost mail, a postal employee asked us what would we want her to do. All she offered was to put a note on our box. Like that would solve everything. That would get as much attention as sending cold food back to a kitchen, only to have the chef spit in it.