Readers Write: Support for airport candidates |

Readers Write: Support for airport candidates

Thomas Grossman

The current board of directors of the Tahoe Truckee Airport District has made giant strides in improving the cooperation between the aviation community and the general public. This good work deserves to continue and as a pilot I recognize and want to show my support for this progress by endorsing Kathleen Eagan and Mary Hetherington as well as Tom Van Berkem for the current board elections.

For generations the Airport District Board of Directors suffered form general apathy in regards to community relations. Four years ago, beginning with the election of Kathleen Eagan and Mary Hetherington, the board began to change the image of the airport and to work closely with the North Tahoe community to solve problems associated with local aviation.

There are many reasons for the community to support our local airport. The airport is an essential component for fire fighting activities at Lake Tahoe. The airport provides a base of operation for urgent medical flights and is an excellent transportation alternative in the event of a family or personal emergency. But mostly the airport is a place to enjoy and discover the joys of flight. From soaring in non-powered gliders to old “war birds” and small aerobatic planes, the pleasure of aviation can be shared by young and old.

The best way for airport users, pilots and operators to ensure the continued success of the Truckee Tahoe Airport is to work hand in hand with the community to reduce the impacts of aviation on the environment. Flying as safely and as quietly as possible is a big part of that equation.

Kathleen Eagan, Mary Hetherington and Tom Van Berkem have dedicated themselves to improving the compatibility between the airport and the community and deserve our support.