Readers Write: The future of Truckee is in good hands |

Readers Write: The future of Truckee is in good hands

Jim Simon

The publicly televised candidate forum last Tuesday night was a tremendous insight into the immediate future of the Town of Truckee.

We have five outstanding candidates running for two open seats on the town council. All of them are intelligent, caring and concerned citizens with the best interests of the community at heart. The candidates answered a flurry of questions on matters ranging from complex re-zoning issues to water capacity, and each pledged to maintain the “mom and pop” atmosphere of out town. Their answers were direct, thoughtful and concise.

And don’t forget the citizens who posed those questions. The questions were topical and forthright, challenging the candidates to give specific answers ” which they did, unlike some of our national candidates. Finally, as always, our town’s grand dame (once Stephanie retires), Maia Schneider, provided an outstanding service as moderator.

Truckee’s future is well entrusted to such a fine slate of potential council members.

Cheers all around!