Readers Write: Truckee needs a time out |

Readers Write: Truckee needs a time out

Bryan DeVoe

Okay, market-based economy was the catalyst for Truckee’s growth, what is it now?

The market is now floating with Rid-X in the septic tank and basic beliefs are that it will take several years for it to recover, if that soon. Besides making the process for building permits etc. easier, what is the town doing to prepare for the looming financial shortcomings that will hit, the town likes to spend tomorrow’s money today?

At a recent town meeting the Coldstream development was discussed with the developer stating that it will be at least three years before the first shovel hits the ground with a 10-year plan to completion.

The Railroad development will hit a major environmental snag when it tries to start up, will the town be caught holding the bag on that one?

I read a recent article in the L.A. Times about the Marriott Corp having financial troubles, so I e-mailed them and asked about the planned Marriott Rodeway In Truckee (Barsell development by the cemetery), their response was that they currently have no plans for a project in Truckee and included an attachment showing all projects in Calif. through 2010, Truckee was not on the list.

A recent article in the Sac Bee showed four major housing developments going under in California, the word is that Timilick is in trouble.

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I have said this before, our town needs a time out, everyone needs the chance to recover, if the public has to tighten their belts, so should every level of local government including special districts. Recently passed assessments for two special districts that were approved because of speculated town growth need to be put on hold till we all can recover, were are not going to be growing anytime soon.

We do not need any more affordable housing, what we have cannot be filled, the Town needs to start thinking about keeping what is left of the middle class here.

When was the last time you saw a moving van bringing in new residents with their 2.5 kids? We cannot count on the tourist to pay our bills, out local taxes should be based on what local people can afford, the town should not say that tourists and second homeowners will carry the burden, that just is not feasible now.

And with the catch word for this year’s election being change, we need to start with the town council.