Readers Write: Vote Bender, Thomason, Mock for PUD directors |

Readers Write: Vote Bender, Thomason, Mock for PUD directors

Rolf Godon

I have been closely involved in the PUD process for some 18 months, through the great “Coal Debates” to my year-long membership on the Conservation Committee. As the PUD is moving forward it is essential that a board be in place that supports that movement. I strongly believe that the three people I recommend for your vote are the best three out of the eight running.

Jeff Bender is highly qualified through his training as an engineer specializing in “Green Building.” He has board experience, serving on the Town Planning Commission. He offers expertise on the energy conservation side as well as basic knowledge of the water and electric side.

Bill Thomason offers his four years on the PUD, being a voice of reason and rationality through the “Coal Debate.” He is a CPA with a sharp eye and pencil on PUD budgets.

Neal Mock is very passionate on the subject of energy sustainability. He has installed his own solar collection system on his home and has educated himself in this area of alternative and sustainable energy.

This group offers the diversity of expertise and personality needed on the board. They are all unselfishly motivated to serve us rate payers and create the PUD needed as we move forward.

So, please trust me and vote for them. You will not be disappointed.