Readers Write: Vote to invest in the future |

Readers Write: Vote to invest in the future

Phebe Bell

One of the many things I love about living in the Town of Truckee is the incredible spirit of idealism that exists here. This is a community that invests in the future. We protect the rugged mountain land around us because we believe in future generations should have the same quality of life we enjoy. And similarly, we support our schools, because we believe strongly that children are the future of our community. It is not just that these children will grow up to be the doctors and nurses, business owners and decision makers of Truckee. It is also that as long as we are a town that cares for its children and families, we will be a community that people want to call home.

With Measure U we have a great opportunity to invest in tangible improvements for the future. Like many of you, I believe deeply in our ability as a community to create an educational system our children deserve. I have faith in our capacity to support all aspects of education ” teachers, curriculum, leadership and yes, facilities. To make that idealistic vision a reality ” to truly have a top notch schools in Truckee ” we need to invest our time and resources as a community. Currently, the opportunity for action is simple ” vote yes on Measure U. I could give you a hundred reasons why you should vote yes: modern learning environment for students, technology enhancements, safety issues, improved play space for younger kids, future growth, and so on. But really, at its core, voting yes on U is about once again expressing that core Truckee value of optimism and investment in the future.

I hope you will join me, and many others, in voting Yes on U Nov. 4.