Reades Write: Shame on U |

Reades Write: Shame on U

Mike Ketron

The median price of a bond-assessed home, the Yes-on-U literature notes, is in the mid $300 thousands. Taking the entire sales history of Truckee for all households, that’s probably correct, but does not accurately represent more recent home sales/taxpayer data. Since 2004, the median home sale price in Truckee has been above $400,000. In the first quarter of 2008, the median home sale price was as high as $650,000. In November 2006, even the median condo price in Truckee was $372,826. And all these figures are the MEDIAN ” the middle price. If you purchased your Truckee home anytime in the last few years, you could easily be paying double or triple or more what your next door neighbor is shelling out for prop C and U payments. I agree that the schools need work, but I don’t think it’s remotely fair that any homeowner pay any more than any other homeowner. Prop L was unfair and unwanted and therefore did not pass. In my opinion, Prop U is more of the same ” it is Unfair and it is Unwanted and, quite possibly (if the old middle school property is sold), Unecessary. Authors of L2, shame on U.