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Ride of the Week

Courtesy photoHelen Pelster with her two children, Clara, 3, and Alex, 11 months.

The winter of 2004, our first ski season at Tahoe Donner Cross Country with kids.

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It’s great, a lot less friction than (a sled) dragging on the ground. It’s not as hard as you think when your striding. The kids love it too and it’s warm.

All summer long we walk it to the pool at Tahoe Donner. It’s a great trail stroller both on and off road and a good workout pushing the kids up hill. I don’t know what I would do without it.

No we bought that in Spain. All the kids have them and people looked at us like we were child abusers (for not having one.)

We have another couple of weeks with the wheels. I’ll have to take the Chariot skis down to Paco’s and get them tuned.