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Ride of the Week

Emma Garrard/Sierra SunMorissa Jannings and her "Rufus."

Where did you get the truck? I bought it in 1992 when I was living on Oahu. I shipped it here in 1997.Why did you buy it?Because it was cool and cute as a button.What do you know about the vehicle?Theyre really rare. Hawaiian Electric bought 10 in 1960 for repair trucks. They were conversions of the VW bus.What do you use it for?Hauling rock; its a work horse. I own a rock shop (Morissas Gallery of Natural Art, Minerals and Rocks in Kings Beach.) It carried a 1,366.2-pound rock to the shop. You can store all kinds of stuff (in the bed.)Does it have a name?Rufus. I just looked at it and it looked like a Rufus.Have you owned any Volkswagens before?No this is the only one. Its a love affair, youve gotta love em.What are your best memories with the truck?Camping in Hawaii. I used to have a spotlight on top of it. I would let air out of the tires and drive it onto the beach. Those were fun times. Im getting ready to move back. (The truck) is on its way to Santa Cruz with a gentleman, Derek Williams, who is buying it from me. Its going to be sad (to say goodbye.)The Suns Emma Garrard conducted this weeks interview and photo session. E-mail editor@sierrasun.com with suggestions for future Ride of the Week interviews.