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Ride of the Week

Emma Garrard/Sierra Sun

How long have you owned the van? Since 2000, it became an art car last summer.Why did you decide to transform the van?Most cars are so plain. Its great to drive around a car that doesnt look like everyone elses (car.) Theres a number of art car enthusiasts in the Reno area.Describe what you did to the van.I painted new digital camo (on the van). Its the new trendy thing. I also have an armor plate I attach to van made out of sheet plastic called PVC X but its only good for 35 to 40 mph.-Does the satellite dish on the roof work?If I hook it up to a receiver yes its fully functioning, but its mostly for looks.Where do you drive the van?Its my main ride, but I take it to Burning Man every year. I have other mutated vehicles.What is your mutated vehicle?Its called Roaminoff. Its like a gaudy Russian opera house on wheels. What response do you get from police officers?Its completely street legal. When they see all the (fake) missiles (on the van) they realize its so absurd it cant be serious.The Suns Emma Garrard conducted this weeks interview and photo session. E-mail editor@sierrasun.com with suggestions for future Ride of the Week interviews.