Rotary offers travel/study abroad for teens |

Rotary offers travel/study abroad for teens

On Tuesday, Oct. 16, the Rotary Clubs of Truckee will conduct interviews for students interested in Rotary Youth Exchange. This is a truly amazing, life-changing experience. Students spend a year in another country, becoming fluent in the language and immersed in the culture, and developing friendships that will last a lifetime. Participants attend high school, and may or may not get credit back home for courses taken (but colleges often recognize the value of exchange programs, with credit for language ability and greater acceptance rates!).

Each student will have up to four (or more) host families through the year, to broaden the experience and see the variations that exist in all cultures. Candidates must be at least 15 1/2 years old and not over 18 1/2 years when you start your exchange. It takes a very special teen to consider him or herself capable of spending a year abroad, but the rewards and experiences are unlike anything you may ever know again.

If you think you can do this, don’t let the opportunity pass you by. Contact Sara Taddo at (530) 414-1242 for questions and to schedule an interview.