Sierra College Tahoe-Truckee Dean’s Lecture Series: Experts andamp; Insights |

Sierra College Tahoe-Truckee Dean’s Lecture Series: Experts andamp; Insights

Amy Edgett/Sierra SunTruckee Police Chief Nicholas Sensley to speak at Sierra College Tahoe-Truckee.

What is it like to pioneer a new nation today? How do you define national character, governance, rule of law, participatory access, structural reforms and trade? What leadership characteristics are different from what was required just more than 200 years ago when the United States became a new nation? Nicholas Sensley addresses these questions as he describes his research on Friday, May 14 at Experts andamp; Insights, Sierra College’s Dean’s Lecture Series. He will use the pioneer leaders of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Belarus as the basis for his discussion on the special challenges of leadership in creating change. These countries, recently emerged from the former Soviet Union, have hundreds of years of tumultuous history and are adjusting to newly found freedoms. Any discussion of the challenges of new national leadership would be incomplete without a look at how the population is affected by the altered political landscape. Sensley will share a photographic essay pointing out how people survived the transition during the past 20 years and encourage discussion about what sort of hope they have going forward andamp;#8212; especially in light of the current global economic crisis. Sensley asks, andamp;#8220;are they thinking it wasn’t so bad back in the Soviet Union? What is a reasonable outlook for their future?andamp;#8221; The audience is sure to come away with a more complete understanding of the challenges of pioneering leadership.Experts andamp; Insights is a monthly lecture/discussion program in the Sierra College Dean’s Lecture Series. Faculty share their academic passion while keeping minds active, stimulating curiosity and encouraging enjoyable dialog. Upcoming presentations include, Dr. Tom Harris on andamp;#8220;The State of Our Economyandamp;#8221; June 11, Lori Van Meter on andamp;#8220;Memorial Art at Burning Manandamp;#8221; July 9 and Dr. Kim Bateman on andamp;#8220;Mythical Guide to GriefWorkandamp;#8221; Aug. 13. There is no charge for these programs, thanks to the generosity of the presenters and Sierra College, but reservations are advised at (530) 550-2290 as space is limited. Full calendar:;#8212; Submitted to the Sun via

Nicholas SensleyFriday, May 14, 7:30 p.m.Sierra College Tahoe-Truckee Campus, 11001 College Trail, TruckeeNo charge, for reservations call 550-2290

Nicholas Sensley was appointed Truckee’s Chief of Police in November of 2008. He previously served in Santa Rosa and at UCLA. He is also the President and Chief Solutions Officer of Cross-Sector Solutions, LLC, a privately held company whose purpose is to facilitate solutions to the benefit of communities around the world. In addition to nearly 30 years of professional service in governmental service sectors, business in the private sector and service in the nonprofit sector, Chief Sensley has worked as a consultant and developer in Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, the Southern Caribbean and in the United States since 1998. He has specialized in the development of leaders, the advancement of good governance and the formation of strategic collaborative partnerships. Chief Sensley has been acknowledged as an international expert on community problem-solving by the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. Department of State, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), the International Centre for Migration Policy Development, and by other international governments and organizations.Chief Sensley has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Management, a Masters of Business Administration and is a Management PhD candidate at the International School of Management in Paris, France. He is a former adjunct professor of Managerial Economics at Patten University in Oakland, Calif.When asked about his passion, Sensley replies, andamp;#8220;My passion is in community and nation building for the symbiotic existence of community life, individual prosperity, and industrialized advancement.andamp;#8221;