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Time to tweak election law

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As it turns out, in the most populated state in the union it doesn’t take much to recall a governor – just a few hundred thousand signatures and a wealthy benefactor. But what the California state constitution really doesn’t account for is how much it takes to put on an election.

Oct. 7 California’s voters will be faced with a choice: vote to keep Gov. Gray Davis in office, or give him the boot and replace him with one of the approximately 200 candidates running vying to be his replacement.

While deciding among such a bounty of potential candidates might be tough, the prospect of a glitch-free election is even more daunting. There are so many candidates, and so little time and money to get it right, that something inevitably has to break, somewhere. Hopefully, in the end, democracy will not be compromised.

In any event, the California Legislature should change the constitution to allow for more flexibility in the time it takes to run an election. As it is, voters will have little information to take with them to the polls. And with only a couple of months to prepare, who knows if election officials will be ready to take and count their votes.