Parking problems |

Parking problems

Julie Brown
Sierra Sun

The North Tahoe Public Utility District announced last week that they are ceasing the use of their automated parking system at both the Kings Beach State Recreation Area and the North Tahoe Regional Park due to operation malfunction.

The parking pay station was installed last year to better capture the user parking revenue that would finance beach and park maintenance and operations.

But, more than a year since its installation, the district rejected that specific parking pay station system because it continually malfunctioned and the issue was never resolved, the district said in a written statement.

“We know [a parking fee] is the right approach for generating the revenue,” said the district’s General Manager Steve Rogers in a phone interview. “We question the system. It’s not working.”

Because the approach did improve revenue collection, the district will be seeking out other appropriate parking pay systems.

Until a new system is found, the Kings Beach State Recreation Area will return to a staffed kiosk and a voluntary iron ranger fee collection system when no staff is present. The new daily rate is a flat fee of $8.00 per entry and a flat fee of $5.00 after 5 p.m.. For residents holding a district card or vehicle sticker, the flat daily parking fee will be $5.00, and will be waved after 5 p.m.

A voluntary iron ranger payment system will be instated at the North Tahoe Regional Park. The fee will remain at $3.00 and is free to district card-holding residents.