Placer County deputies crack down on burglary spree |

Placer County deputies crack down on burglary spree

PLACER COUNTY “-Placer County Sheriff deputies stationed in North Lake Tahoe arrested a number of suspected burglars and said they will continue to deal with a spike in various property crimes in the area.

The fall of 2008 has seen an increase in various property crimes at North Lake Tahoe, specifically vehicle break-ins, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Two weeks ago, deputies broke up a burglary ring consisting mostly of young adult and juvenile Kings Beach locals. In the last three weeks, at least nine Kings Beach locals have been arrested on crimes ranging from petty theft from automobiles, conspiracy, possession of stolen property, vehicle theft, and residential burglary.

Jose Jesus Ibarra, 20, Omar Miranda Garcia, 18, Ramon Herrera, 20, Hugo D. Martinez Garcia, 18, and Roman Ramirez Hernandez, 20, all of Kings Beach, have been arrested within the last three weeks for property crimes. Four local juveniles have also been arrested in relation to these crime sprees.

At least one has confessed to this being an effort to raise funds for their local gang, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

“Gangs here in the Kings Beach area are comprised mainly of young folks that aspire to be like their more significant counterparts in prison and urban areas,” said Lt. Allan Carter of the Placer County Sheriff’s Office. “As far as what they wanted the money for, it could be anything from guns, drugs and the like, to throwing a party. It is just not known.”

Dozens of auto and residential burglary reports have been taken in the North Shore area. Most hit were the Kings Beach area, followed by other North Shore condominium complexes and more recently ski resorts.

These are crimes of opportunity, mostly committed by juveniles, according to the Sheriff’s Office. Burglars have also targeted unlocked homes and taken vehicles with keys left in them.

Items most sought by burglars have been I-Pods and related accessories, sunglasses, GPS units, cash, credit cards, snowboards and related clothing, skis, vehicle amplifiers, and speaker boxes.

Investigations continue to lead the Sheriff’s Office to additional suspects every week. Other arrests have been made by deputies during traffic stops, as well as evidence collected by deputies processing crime scenes.

Lock your car doors, use car alarms, keep valuables with you or out of sight and report suspicious activity immediately.

If a crime is observed, do not confront the criminal.

If someone tries to sell you suspicious items at bargain prices, please get relevant information on them ” vehicle plates and clothing description ” and report this activity to the Placer County Sheriff’s office immediately.

The Tahoe City Substation is at 2501 N. Lake Blvd. and at (530) 581-6300.

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