Placer man free after 3 mistrials in murder case |

Placer man free after 3 mistrials in murder case

The Associated Press

AUBURN, Calif. and#8212; Three different juries have heard the case of Caleb Madsen, and none have been able to agree on whether he murdered his childhood friend in 2005.

The Placer County man is now free after spending more than four years in jail.

Madsen had been accused of fatally stabbing 23-year-old Christopher Worth in July 2005 because he believed his friend was stealing from his family business.

Prosecutors decided Monday to dismiss all charges against the 28-year-old Madsen following the third mistrial.

Juries in 2008 and 2009 split on whether to convict Madsen of murder. In his third trial that ended Feb. 1, Madsen was acquitted of first-degree murder, but jurors deadlocked on a second-degree murder charge.

Worth’s mother, Linda, says she’s disappointed at the announcement, saying the justice system has failed.