Placer ranked second healthiest county in California |

Placer ranked second healthiest county in California

Staff report

PLACER COUNTY, Calif. — For the third consecutive year, Placer County has ranked as the second healthiest county among California’s 58 counties, officials announced this week.

The ranking is an annual project of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin, which looks at 30 factors in developing its rankings.

These factors are broken into categories and statewide — Placer County ranked first in quality of life, second in health factors, health behaviors and social and economic factors and third in clinical care, according to a news release.

Placer County has been ranked in the top 10 each of last five years.

“The reason Placer County is ranked so high is that the residents value health and active lifestyles,” Placer County’s Health Officer, Dr. Robert Oldham, said in a statement. “We still have room for improvement and we’re going to engage in a community health assessment later this year, recognizing that health isn’t perfect for some and that we want to include any groups that may have been left behind.”

The Health Ranking includes almost every county in every state in the nation. The rankings reveal that where one lives has an effect on their health.

“It is not surprising that Placer County, with a multitude of forestland, an international reputation for its outdoor recreation and a burgeoning industry in locally grown produce and agricultural goods, would earn a high ranking,” officials said.

Details of the ranking, which is compiled into the County Health Rankings & Roadmaps, are available at