Planning agency to count buoys on Lake Tahoe |

Planning agency to count buoys on Lake Tahoe

Andrew Pridgen,
Sun News Service

While no new shorezone plan is slated for public release this month, those who follow closely Tahoe Regional Planning Agency efforts to keep lake clarity a priority can rest assured that, starting this week, there will at least be an accurate account of how many buoys (legal and illegal) occupy Lake Tahoe.

Some 4,450 buoys currently sit on the lake. Of that number, the agency estimates some 2,000 are currently not permitted.

“That doesn’t mean they couldn’t have one under new (Shorezone) rules,” said TRPA executive director John Singlaub. “… There are some properties that also have six buoys, there are some in front of public lands that are clearly not permitted.

“We don’t know the number that would be illegal under new rules, but given the new GPS data, we will be able to determine that.”

Since the beginning of summer the agency’s watercraft team has logged buoys to create a mapping tool specifically for when the new shorezone plan is adopted, TRPA staff noted.

While some wonder whether certain buoys have already been earmarked as illegal, TRPA staff assured only buoys located directly off public lands will be removed.

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If the latest shorezone plan is adopted, more than 1,800 new buoys will be allowed on the lake.