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Power outage turns off Truckee lights

Seth Lightcap
Sierra Sun

At approximately 11 a.m. Tuesday, a widespread power outage affected 3,193 customers in the Truckee area.

Residents of Floristan, Hirschdale, Northstar, Glenshire and Truckee were left in the dark for up to two hours as crews from the Sierra Pacific Power Company scrambled to reset power grids. Power was restored by 1:15 p.m. to all residences and businesses.

A failed breaker at a Truckee substation has been pinpointed as the cause of the outage, but Sierra Pacific Power spokesman Karl Walquist could not quickly explain the cause of the failure.

“We’re not absolutely certain what led to the outage,” said Walquist. “A failed breaker at the Truckee substation is the likely cause, but we have crews out patrolling the lines to see if anything else is wrong.”

Although the power failure was an unusual occurance for a warm, sunny day in the Sierra, the disruption caused few difficulties. Drivers noticed that traffic lights had been knocked out and alerted Truckee Police.

“I’m here to monitor that drivers treat the four-way intersection like they are supposed to,” said Truckee Police Officer Jeff Safford at the corner of Donner Pass Road and Highway 89. “It’s about the busiest time a day for this intersection.”

No traffic accidents were reported due to the outage.