Presidential inauguration: At the Mall with Kira Yanetta |

Presidential inauguration: At the Mall with Kira Yanetta

Photo by Kira YannettaA chat with Kira Yannetta, up close and personal at Tuesday's historic inauguration ceremonies.

WASHINGTON D.C. “-If anyone deserves a pat on the back for getting her candidate in office and also a couple of tickets to the show of the century, it’s Kira Yannetta. An avid and active Obama supporter and Mountain Team Leader, her troup’s grassroots efforts mobilized voters to take a serious look at the young senator and Democratic candidate for president.

The Sierra Sun caught up with Yannetta by phone in Washington D.C. where she was attending the inauguration of America’s 44th president with her 8-year-old son, Luca.

Did you really think Obama would pull it off on Nov. 4?

Yannetta : I had no doubt. When he looked me in the eye and told me he was going to be president, I believed him. He promised Luca he would win the election for him on Nov. 4 ” his eighth birthday.

When did you decide you were going to attend the Inauguration and how did you get tickets?

Yannetta: I decided on election night I was going to go, with or without tickets. Then I had a friend who wrote letters to senators and we ended up with two tickets waiting for us to pick up here in D.C. ” along with about a million other people! There were four entrances to the building and still the lines were around the block to pick up the tickets.

How were the lines today?

Yannetta: Oh my God! We had silver tickets towards the back of the Mall and the line to get to the security check point was a mile and a half long and went around the Federal Building, over freeways. Then when we got the screening point we realized it would take forever to get through that and into the Mall. We decided to stay put, but then noticed people going into the Smithsonian Native American museum, so we followed them. Inside there was this beautiful four-story rotunda, huge screen T.V., hot chocolate, bathrooms ” and it was warm! So we watched the ceremony there.

Was the atmosphere as charged as it looks on the news coverage?

Yannetta: It was amazing. Electrifying. I was sobbing! The whole experience has been so beautiful and I’ve made so many friends. But it was a lot more subdued and solemn then I anticipated. I expected it to be more raucous, more cheering.

What did you feel was the most moving moment of the ceremony?

Yannetta: When President Obama said in his address, “You will be judged on what you build, not destroy” and also the line about hope over fear. That really hit me in the heart.

I understand you are going to one of the inaugural balls. So, we have to ask, what’s up with the dress? Color?

Yannetta: It’s black of course! Long, very elegant. But honestly, the thought of putting on a ball-gown and hitting the train and heading back to town sounds a little daunting right now ” I’m exhausted.

O.K. I’ll let you go.

Yannetta: Thanks. Hey, save me a paper. And congratulations.

For what?

Yannetta: Your new president.

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