Project Runway: my new addiction |

Project Runway: my new addiction

Common wisdom tells us that having an addiction is never a good thing. Neither is watching too much TV. Luckily, I don’t have much of an addictive personality and can’t stand most of the shows on television today, but when Bravo began showing “Project Runway” last year, I was hooked. And now that “Project Runway” is into its second season, I am at the addicted level. We’re talking rearrange schedules, don’t go out on Wednesday nights, obsessing over show blogs on the Internet, addicted. I made fun of my friends in college for rearranging their class schedules to watch “Days of Our Lives,” but this is different. I swear. When this show aired for the first time last year, I was skeptical, along with critics and others sick of reality-based television. A show that takes aspiring designers, gives them design challenges and then gives the winner a chance at the big time? Sounds boring. I’m not even into fashion. But when my remote accidentally clicked over to an episode last winter, I couldn’t stop watching. The personalities of the aspiring designers, judges and models were enough to keep me interested, but the way the show focuses on the actual design process is what kept me hooked. I’m not a guy, so the fact that German supermodel Heidi Klum is the host doesn’t attract me to the show, but I anticipate her tagline each week as a designer is booted off the show: “Auf Weidersehen.” The challenges are also creative designing a Barbie outfit is my favorite of this season so far and the time and money constraints keep the contest interesting as the designers fight with themselves and each other over getting the perfect look. It is also the most “real” of any reality show on television. “Project Runway” is the only program I can think of that actually awards people for their talent and not their looks. Take this season’s Diana Eng, a self proclaimed “fashion nerd,” and Daniel Vosovic with his big nose. These are not beautiful people. But they are talented. This is the beauty of “Project Runway.” I anticipated this season, which began Dec. 7, with so much vigor that I thought I’d be sick of it by now. But my addiction is just getting worse. I anticipate each Wednesday night by logging onto the Project Runway Web site and voting on who I think will be booted each week, as well as the winner. I have also just started reading “Project Runway” blogs and I desperately want to get my hands on a copy of the new Project Runway magazine, which can only be found in Banana Republic stores or inside an Elle magazine. My addiction for this show may be reaching alarming levels, but at least there are positive signs on the horizon: Television is being saved by this reality show gem and my fashion sense is improving.Project Runway comes on every Wednesday night on Bravo at 10 p.m. Get your fix by visiting Project_Runway. You can also e-mail Kara Fox at to get more Project Runway Web sites.

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