Pyramid Lake fishing regulations remain in effect |

Pyramid Lake fishing regulations remain in effect

Provided to the SunTruckee angler Jim White shows off a nice Lahontan cutthroat trout he caught from Pyramid Lake this past Saturday. The fish weighed just over 8 pounds.

This past weekend presented us with an unusual sight at Pyramid Lake. As we got our first look at the lake and headed north toward the town of Sutcliffe, the North Nets and South Nets areas were void of fishermen.

Typically we would see at least 60 to 80 anglers along the South Nets and even more at the North Nets area this time of year. There was one float tuber at the South Nets who apparently did not get the word that these areas had been closed to fishing to 1,000 feet into the lake from March 15 to May 16. The float tuber was cruising along the drop-off area where most would typically fish this time of the season.

I am sure the Pyramid Lake rangers informed this angler of the error of his ways at some point during the morning. When we drove back that way later in the day, there was no one at either location.

Talking to the people at the Pyramid Lake Store earlier that morning, I inquired about the lack of apparent enforcement of one of the other regulations ” the prohibition of all fishing from a dock or within 500 feet of one. Each week we have been out at the lake we would see people well within the 500-foot limit.

Apparently there was some discussion about changing the distance from 500 feet to either 250 or even 100 feet. The final decision appears to be to keep it at the 500 feet. I certainly would not push this limitation.

The most obvious area where this would cause some problems is at the Pelican Point launch ramp area. This is the location where a huge concentration of fish exists, and most were caught well within 500 feet of the dock last year.

Fishermen are still fishing in the same areas they did last year, so I am guessing that the rangers have not enforced this 500-foot rule as of yet. If and when they do, it is not going to be well received, since a number of anglers have become accustomed to fishing there this season. Please be aware that this regulation exists if you are heading to the Pelican Point area of the lake to fish.

These regulation changes seem to have impacted the number of people who are using the lake. We have seen far fewer anglers during this time of year. While it could have been weather related this past weekend, there just does not seem to be as many anglers from what we have observed.

Undoubtedly some anglers will not come out to the lake because they can no longer fish the area around the Nets. Since this was the area that experienced the most angler success, chances are pretty good that those seeking the large numbers of fish will not return.

Pyramid offers anglers the chance to catch true trophy trout. Typical size fish here would seem large anywhere else. An 18- to 19-inch fish is an “average” one at this lake. Fish over 10 pounds have been caught by fly fishermen. There are not too many lakes that offer the quality that Pyramid Lake does.

If you are going you will need a Paiute Indian Reservation fishing permit and an additional boating permit if you use a boat. A daily permit will cost you $9 per day for either a fishing or boat permit. A season permit will run you $74. The season runs from Oct. 1 through June 30 each year.

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