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Readers write

I belong to the Natural Resource Defense Council and my concern over Bush’s agenda on the environment was the main reason (one of many) why I didn’t vote for him. I cannot understand how the American people can witness the dangerous, destructive, short-sighted attacks on our natural resources and support this administration Regardless of your politics about Iraq, abortion, stem cells, jobs, we cannot allow the unbridled assault on our environment that is likely to accelerate We owe it to ourselves. We owe it to our children. Please stay aware of destructive, non-sustainable plans by the Bush administration in the next four years. Speak out and defend our environment when and where you can.Ed HeneveldOlympic ValleyChipping successTruckee Fire Protection District has ended its chipper program for this year. We would like to thank everyone who took advantage of the program. Many organizations, businesses, and individuals took advantage of our program to reduce the fire hazards around their properties. The final figures have not been totaled yet, but more than 10,000 cubic yards of limbs, trees and brush were chipped during our program this year. We hope to be providing this service again next year. Thank you all for increasing the safety in our community by creating defensible space around your homes and property.Gene WelchPublic Safety & Information OfficerTruckee Fire Protection DistrictGreat race for school board With the results in and my position clear in the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District Trustee’s race, I wanted to take this opportunity to both extend my deep gratitude to those who supported my candidacy and to offer heart-felt congratulations to Kristy Olk, your next school board Area 3 Trustee. Ms. Olk waged an effective campaign, energizing her base of support and getting her name as well as her message to the public early and often. Kristy Olk has been a tireless volunteer in the school district for many years; her placement on the school board is befitting her commitment to public service.As I said during the campaign season, with four good candidates vying for the two TTUSD Trustee seats up for election, how can the community lose? I stand by this statement. I’ve great confidence that Olk will represent Area 3 with distinction. Thanks once again for all your interest in and support for this most important community leadership position.John R. FalkCandidate, TTUSD Area 3 TrusteeThanks for the supportThe Barbara Green for Town Council Committee thanks all of the people that contributed toward our successful campaign. We appreciate the time, energy and financial support this community offered to our cause. Over 100 individuals participated in the ongoing effort to spread our message over the past several months. These volunteer projects included phone banking, precinct walking, tabling, posting bumper stickers and lawn signs, and hosting coffees and receptions. This campaign was a true team effort.We believe that our campaign for Town Council wasn’t about the candidate alone but about our mission to preserve Truckee’s natural environment and small town character. This campaign generated a great deal of discussion and new ideas about how to lead Truckee toward a bright future.Our effort doesn’t end with the election. To maintain this positive communication and search for solutions, we hope that all our passionate supporters continue to stay involved and attend council meetings. We need your ideas, energy and commitment to continue our momentum. Barbara and Sarah Green’The Right’ was wrongElection day is here and by the time you publish this (if you do), the results will be known, and perhaps the great majority of Americans who inhabit the middle of the political spectrum will have their day.Given the conservative nature of the Sierra Sun, it is not surprising to see the hysterical rantings and ravings by a guest columnist (“The Right” Sierra Sun Oct. 29) published as editorials. The writer obviously subscribes to the Hitler theory of politics: Yell loud enough, often enough and lots of people will believe you. Hopefully, intelligent people see through his hysterics.The irony is that writer drives a Mercedes and has represented Communist Chinese factories in the United States. Talk about hypocrisy.John PrattTruckeeEditor’s note: The column, “The Right,” referred to in the preceding letter was a signed guest column, not an unsigned editorial, submitted to the Sierra Sun by a member of the community. It was accompanied by a signed column entitled “The Left,” which was also submitted by a local reader. Candidate forums good for allThe three Channel 6 Candidate Forums had it all – technical glitches, winter-like weather, and conflicting schedules. Of the 25 candidates invited, 20 showed up for the live broadcasts. Even the Measure H folks jumped in at the last minute to give a pitch in front of the camera.Why did the four organizations sponsor these forums? While we all may not agree on issues, we all do agree that an informed electorate makes better decisions. No one group has a monopoly on the future – we all care about where our town and region is headed. We are lucky to live in an area where people are willing to get involved and spend their personal time to benefit others.Thanks to all those who helped with the forums: Channel 6 TTCTV; the moderators, timer, question coordinators and volunteers; Thanks to the Sierra Sun, Moonshine Ink, KTKE radio, and the Truckee Donner Chamber of Commerce for help with publicity. And last but not least, thanks to the Town of Truckee for allowing us to use the Council Chambers as the “studio.” Pat Davison, Field DirectorCalif. Association of Business, Property and Resource OwnersNoah Markoff, Executive DirectorContractors Association of Truckee TahoeJohn Eaton, PresidentMountain Area Preservation FoundationCharlie White, President, & John Falk, Government Relations CoordinatorTahoe Sierra Board of RealtorsTaxes making area more costlyI would like to state my opposition to any more increases in property taxes. I purchased my home in 1999 and since my taxes have been raised by over $100. It is always put to homeowners as a couple of dollars here or there but the reality is that those dollars add up exponentially. Here is an example.• Unified Dist A$6.28• Unified Dist B $24.20• Tahoe Truckee 1998-A $3.79• Tahoe Truckee USD $9.94• Tahoe Truckee JT Unified SFID $26.30• Truckee Recreation Pool $16.00• Tahoe Truckee Joint Unified Tax $80.00These taxes equal $166.51 that each homeowner is paying in extra tax. Where does this end? I voted no on Measure H also. The prices of homes in this town are absolutely out of control. It is now impossible for a two-income family to purchase a home and you want to ask us for another tax increase. The wages in this town do not match the cost of living. That should be your focus not open space. The Town of Truckee needs to put a halt to all of these million-dollar vacation homes and build homes decent folks can afford to buy. The property owners of Commercial Row need to be stopped. They are killing our town as we sit by and watch one business after another go under. I loved this town as it was when I came here in 1996 and I have watched as we put one nail after another in the coffin of this poor little town. Ilene ManvilleTruckee

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