Readers write: Responsibility |

Readers write: Responsibility

C. Jacobs

“Shortsightedness” Perhaps, but NOT. Again, the citizens of Truckee were asked to tax themselves for the school district. The question of how many times and how much does the school district need to be successful. All of my children are products of the local district an have done well. That being said, money does not fix all problems.

Perhaps, instead of having your hand out, there should be accountability. I, too, feel that I am “underpaid” and “overburden”, but then again, I chose my profession as all teachers have done and take responsibility for myself. In the most recent guest column written by a teacher, she states that they had to take “pay cuts” on their insurance benefits. My comment would be that would be in line with most employees at this time. An increase in pay should be related to performance, and not mandated by a “contract.” Many of us that are in the workforce and that own homes just cannot afford another tax, which is a form of a pay cut. So, to the school district and teachers, this time you are asked to resolve your issues collectively and take responsibility for yourselves.


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