Readers write: Shot and killed |

Readers write: Shot and killed

I am writing about the bear in Tahoma that had to be put down this past week, i.e. shot and killed. It had allegedly swiped a woman and her dog, causing her some injury. What was she doing so close to a bear that it could actually hurt her you might ask?

This bear was “their neighborhood pet bear” and they had been feeding it. What part of “Don’t feed the bears” is unclear? This is precisely the reason why. Wild Animals are wild. They do what they do instinctively. Do not feed them. They have managed for centuries to eat in the woods. They still do. Also, there is an ordinance against feeding wild animals in both Placer and El Dorado counties. You could be fined.

Wild animals do not need your food. Feeding them gets them accustomed to humans and human food, which says its OK to hang around humans. That’s why we have bears and raccoons that break into homes. You may not have feed them, but someone did and your human smell is just as good as another to them. Be sure to tell your neighbors not to feed the bears (or raccoons). Keep your garbage safely contained. Do not leave any food in the car for any reason.

Enjoy looking at our beautiful animals as they pass through. Bang pots and pans and make loud noises to scare them away if they get uncomfortably close. Encourage them back into the woods. Please don’t feed them. Thanks to the stupidity of some ignorant, selfish people who somehow thought that bear was here only for them, we have one less beautiful wild creature to admire in our neighborhood. Now its dead.

Expletive deleted,

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