Real Estate appraiser expands business into tax appeals |

Real Estate appraiser expands business into tax appeals

Judy Dowdy of J. Dowdy, Appraisal Consulting, has been busy helping homeowners in Nevada and Placer counties save money on their real estate taxes by submitting tax assessment appeal appraisals to their county assessors’ offices.

“Many home values have declined in the past few years and there are many homeowners who qualify for a reduction of assessment value which reduces property taxes.”

Ms. Dowdy has been involved in the real estate industry for more than 25 years and is a state-certified appraiser in both California and Nevada. She lives in, and works out of, Truckee. She recognized a need to fill as the values started to decline.

“Not every property qualifies, and the procedures are different from those in Placer County as compared to those in Nevada County. You have to understand the counties’ procedures and how they have assessed the property in the past and understand the State’s procedures.

There are deadlines to follow and that is coming fast until next year’s appeal period starts up again.”

If you miss this year, you might be able to apply for a re-assessment next summer. You have a better chance of getting a lower assessment if you submit appropriate, qualitative information.

Judy can be reached in Truckee at (530) 550-9363 or at or through her website