Reduce tension, toxins with Qi Kong in Truckee |

Reduce tension, toxins with Qi Kong in Truckee

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TAHOE/TRUCKEE, Calif. — Qi Gong may enhance health, the immune system, balance and aliveness. Anyone can benefit no matter what their condition or situation.

During the warmer weather, Qi Gong classes will meet outdoors where the universe and earth energies are significantly more available. There are two classes per week. Each Tuesday at 9 a.m. at the Truckee’s Community Recreation Center, or by June 1, at the Truckee River Regional Park, Riverside Barbecue area, or Thursdays, 10 a.m. at the Truckee Donner Senior Apartments, 10040 Estates Drive near the rodeo grounds.

Find following Qi Gong benefits

1. Maintain and strengthen the immune system. In the current world there are many toxins — airborne, in the water supply, in our food, carried by others, carried by animals — all of which our mind, body, spirit must ward off to maintain health and well being. Bacteria and viruses are constantly mutating into new and more powerful strains, which our body must also fight. Experimental evidence is available that verifies the frequent practice of Qi Gong/ Tai chi does strengthen the immune system.

2. Enhance our ability to deal with stress and tension and reduce hypertension. These energizing and meditative movements, coordinated with deep breathing, have been scientifically shown to reduce these situations significantly.

3. Can be accomplished regardless of physical and mental restrictions or handicaps. The movements are gentle and of minimal impact. The sequences can be done while seated.

4. A powerful prevention method, reducing reliance on medical doctors focused on symptom relief. A significantly better use of time in that the hours spent sitting in waiting rooms, waiting in line for a prescription or lying in a hospital bed can be minimized by using time frequently to practice Qi Gong/Tai Chi.

5. Maintain an open energy flow through the body, mind and spirit. Energy blocks, holdings and tensions create dis-ease. The movement/breathing/consciousness sequences have been developed in the Orient for 4,000 years with proven results.

6. Immediate results. After an hour or so of practice one experiences a sense of ease and well being along with increased energy. A key element in the practice is the energy of the smile and laughter.

7. Learning to use one’s energy to heal oneself and/or others. Practicing in a group utilizes the communal energy and raises each individual’s energy as a result.

Call Rolf Godon at 530-587-2557 for information or directions or just show up. All interested folks are welcome.

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