Rehab work begins in Coldstream Canyon |

Rehab work begins in Coldstream Canyon

Staff reports

Logging, railroad access and off road recreation have left a network of degraded roads and trails in the Coldstream Canyon area of Donner Memorial State Park.

Many of these routes are poorly located or constructed and disrupt natural drainage patterns. These roads capture and concentrate water, increasing soil erosion and sediment delivery to the stream. This erosion, coupled with vegetation disturbance, has led to degradation of both upland and riparian habitats.

The California Department of Parks and Recreation is planning road and trail work in the Coldstream Canyon area at Donner Memorial State Park to correct these problems and improve watershed conditions.

The goal is to decrease the impacts to meadows and streams through a combination of road removal and re-construction. The highest priorities are roads which are located in ecologically sensitive areas, such as in meadows or near streams, or which have severe erosion problems (capture and concentrate drainage) causing watershed impacts.

The roads identified for removal and restoration will be re-contoured to match surrounding topography using a combination of heavy equipment and hand crews, and re-vegetated. This will restore drainage to a sheet flow pattern.

Roads slated for removal include the road up the nose of Schallenberger Ridge, the stream-crossing byroad by the ponds, and several roads located in the meadows.

Many of the routes, which need to be kept for recreation or railroad right-of-way access, will need to be re-constructed to provide better drainage, generally by re-grading and out-sloping the roads and removing the berms, or by crowning roads that are on level ground.

All disturbed ground will be re-vegetated using native mulch and seeds collected on-site.