Reno-Tahoe home-selling tips: Do’s and dont’s of selling in the summer |

Reno-Tahoe home-selling tips: Do’s and dont’s of selling in the summer

Every season has its challenges for Buyers and Sellers. In the winter, the home must be accessible, have a pleasant temperature inside, and snow-covered features disclosed. Spring and fall bring their own factors to the active Seller and Buyer, including shaking off winter, prepping for winter, etc. When summer rolls around, the game is changed to the opposite of winter.

First, there is the temperature. A closed up house can become hot if there is no air conditioning, or if it is set too high. Just as a cold house in the winter can have a negative impact on the showing, so can the heat of the summer.

Buyers want to be comfortable. They are envisioning themselves living in the house and they aren’t planning on living in a furnace. If the temperature can’t be easily maintained, — i.e., the Seller is on vacation and doesn’t want to pay to chill the house in his or her absence — then make sure the showing Agent knows in advance so she can forewarn the Buyers. It will minimize the negative impact of the furnace affect.

Views change by the season. Trees that leaf out in the summer can block a spectacular view. It is important to remember, however, that you might not have the windows facing that direction open in the summer so as to keep the home cool. Be sure to keep it in perspective. The tree doesn’t always need to be cut down.

Weeds thrive in the summer and must be maintained when you are selling your home. It takes a high heat for puncturevine (the goat head weed) to grow. They can reach 5 feet across in a matter of days. Be sure to keep things cleaned up around the place.

Remember, the Buyer is looking for their new home. Even though it isn’t new, it is new to them and they want it looking good. If there is a lot of deferred maintenance around, and you find a Buyer that can see past that, you can expect a reduced price offer.

Many people keep their blinds/curtains closed during the summer to keep things cool inside. If you know you have a showing, open it up. People like bright houses. Don’t have them walking into a cave environment.

It is amazing how many times we have to move back a curtain to show a superb view because the home was closed up during the workday to keep it cool. It’s OK to do things differently when you are showing your home to a prospective Buyer.

Landscaping is one of the biggest summer challenges to a Seller. It is constantly changing as the flowers come and go, grass grows, weeds encroach, trees shoot up suckers, etc. It is a big part of the value of a resale home and must be maintained in tip top shape so as to make people want to go into a home.

Our Advice: Your landscaping creates the first impression for the Buyer. If you are selling, get yours in shape and keep it there. You never know when your Buyer is driving by for the first time.

If you have a showing, keep the thermostat at a comfortable level that day. You might pay a little more for climatizing the home for a Buyer that day, but in the big scope of things, if it facilitates a sale, it is money well spent.

If you are home during the showing you might offer some cold water. If you are on a well they get to taste your water, but regardless, they may be getting a bit toasty and your good will can help them remember your home.

Summer is a good selling season for homes, but it has its own challenges to the participants. Be comfortable so you make good decisions. Stay hydrated, stay cool, stay calm. The next house you are going to see just might be the one.

Lisa Wetzel & Jim Valentine, CDPE, SFR, work for RE/MAX Realty Affiliates in the Carson Valley. Visit or call 775-781-5472 for information.

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