Rental firm still on thin ice |

Rental firm still on thin ice

Kelly Ruane
Sierra Sun

Authorities are still considering criminal charges against Truckee-based Vacation Property Management, this time for allegedly not returning security deposits.

On Wednesday, Truckee Police Detective Bill Mardison confirmed that he is still actively investigating allegations against Dean Clark, the rental firm’s owner, who is no longer believed to be in the area.

Clark made good on six bad checks that were the subject of an earlier felony indictment, but the investigation is now focused on unreturned security deposits.

“[The prosecutor] is trying to assemble a number of security deposit cases to refile felony charges,” said Ron Dornseif, a homeowner and a Vacation Property Management client.

Deputy District Attorney Bill Cornell has set an arbitrary deadline of July 15 for Detective Mardison to gather sufficient evidence.

Some of the clients who filed complaints attempted to take Clark to small claims court, but were unable to locate him.

“We attempted to serve papers. We couldn’t find him. We tried five times,” Dornseif said in a phone interview. “I heard he might be in Southern California.”

“Some people that I’ve talked to think he could in the L.A. area,” Mardison said.

The investigation is primarily concerned with obtaining names and collecting any information pertaining to the case.

Those with information about Vacation Property Management or Dean Clark, should contact Mardison at 550-2336.