Researches await wolverine DNA results |

Researches await wolverine DNA results

Greyson Howard
Sierra Sun

Researchers are still waiting for the results of DNA tests from the wolverine photographed near Truckee.

The small predator long thought to have disappeared from the Sierra Nevada was photographed Feb. 28 by an Oregon State University graduate student’s remote camera, launching efforts to learn more about the elusive creature. Additional photographs have subsequently turned up from other motion-sensor cameras in the area.

Samples of the animal’s hair and scat are being tested for DNA information, said Tina Mark, forest wildlife biologist for the U.S. Forest Service, and results are expected within a week.

Between 12 and 20 camera stations have been placed throughout a 150-square-mile area, she said, in hopes of capturing more images of the wolverine.

A number of fly-overs of the area have also been conducted, Mark said, to find out whether or not the wolverine is one of the animals that was tagged with a radio transceiver in Yellowstone National Park.

“They couldn’t find it, so it looks like it wasn’t one of the Yellowstone animals,” Mark said.