Rested and ready |

Rested and ready

Nick Cruit
Sierra Sun

TAHOE BASIN “-The absence of winter weather affects many businesses around the Tahoe Basin. Like the troubled economy, grief caused by the lack of snow has a tendency to trickle down through the community.

But for snow removal companies under contract, the lack of snow means saving valuable resources.

Unlike the snow removal services that bill per storm, some companies are contracted to remove snow for the whole season.

“We’re in a unique position because our customers pay a fixed rate,” said Matt Warren, part owner of SnowTech, a snow removal service exclusive to the Tahoe Donner area. “The lack of snow is not affecting our revenue like it’s effecting the guys who charge hourly,” he added.

In addition to saving fuel and wear and tear on equipment, Warren said the lull in snow has allowed SnowTech to work on its tractors, so when the snow does fall, they will all be in good working order.

As for the clients, Warren said he has heard little backlash from angry customers because a lack of snow is fairly common at this stage of the year.

“If you recall last year the first snow fall was in early December,” he said. “This year is not out of the ordinary.”

With the weather outlook through the next week showing consistent sunny skies and little precipitation, Warren said people might delay on their payments until we get snow, however, they will not completely drop the service.

“People are smart enough to wait and see the cumulative effects of the winter,” he said.