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Ride of the Week: 1924 Rolls-Royce Roadster

Are there any special features on the Roadster?

It has a compartment for golf clubs, and came with a set of wood-shank clubs.

How long have you had the car?

Forty-six years. My father bought if from an estate sale, in Pittsburgh, Pa. We are the third owners of the car. I helped restore it in our driveway in the ’60s, from ’62 to ’68.

Do you do a lot of restorations?

Yes, my business is restoring cars, in Reno. I worked for Bill Harrah when he had the “world famous” Harrah’s Automobile Collection in the ’70s.

How fast does the Roadster go?

It’s top speed is 60 mph, and it cruises at 45 mph.

Tell me about the engine.

It is a straight 6 cylinder, overhead valve with a three-speed manual transmission and 129-inch wheel base. The wheels are 23 inches. The bright work is German Silver and all original.

Where does the car live?

I keep it up in Tahoe for the summer, and in Reno in the winter.

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