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Ride of the Week: 1955 F-350 Ford flatbed truck

Emma Garrard

photo by Emma GarrardThe Ride: F-350 Ford flatbed truckYear:1955Driver:Blair Davison, Truckee Resident

Twenty years. It used to be a Forest Service truck. It was all rusted out when I bought it but almost the same color as now.

They call them fat-fendered Fords. Theyre classic. I used to look at an old truck in my neighborhood (when I was a child) and I always wanted one. Its a lot of fun. It doesnt have power steering, or a beefed up motor.

Hey nice truck! My son (James) used to ask if I died if he would get my truck and I said Not if you bump me off. Hes 16 now and a motorhead. He owns a 66 Rambler and he won an award at the Cannibal Cruise. He likes to rub it in my face.

Its a daily driver but I dont drive it much in the snow. Its fun if you like going in circles.

I found him on the side of the road and stuffed him in the back. More people think that dog is real. I got pulled over for cruelty to animals in a snowstorm until [the officer] realized it wasnt real. I have a big yellow lab that gets in the truck and is ready to go.The Suns Emma Garrard did this weeks Ride of the Week. Please send suggestions for Ride of the Week to editor@sierrasun.com.