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Ride of the Week

Ryan Salm
Sierra Sun
Ryan Salm/Sierra SunThe Rusty Strings sit on the Bailey's Beach chair at Squaw Valley USA.

The Ride: Bailey’s Beach chair at the Mountaintop Bluegrass Festival at Squaw

Name: The Rusty Strings of Kings Beach

So, how long have you been riding this chair? About 3 1/2 minutes and we ain’t gone nowhere yet!

What are you doing on this chairlift in the summer on the top of Squaw Valley? That’s a really good question … We’re waiting for winter.

Who are you guys? We are Kerry Andras (bass), Kurt Beckering (banjo), Tyler Johnston (guitar) and Jenni Charles (fiddle). We think our mandolin player, Dave Blair may have fallen off the chair.

Is this your first time riding The Beach? Kurt: What’s Bailey’s Beach? Kerry: First time since I was 12 Tyler: Surf’s up, big kahuna. Jenni: First time since I was 6

Why Bailey’s Beach? Jenni: It’s the steepest beginner terrain and really close to the bluegrass festival. Kerry: Cause it’s here. Tyler: Because if there’s any beginners I want to help them learn. Kurt: I always look for the best terrain.

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