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Rides of the Week: Jessie and Gypsy

Interview by Jason Kelley of the Sierra Sun
Jason Kelley/Sierra SunJesse, Heather and Gypsy

Jessie, 13-year-old male and Gypsy, female, age 9

Heather Graziano

Alpine Meadows

These two are trail horses for clients.

No, Jesse was a harness racer down in Southern California and at Cal Expo, and Gypsy was a pony we got from Cool, Calif., a few years back.

She is a horse for kids under 5 years old.

They eat alfalfa when they are up here.

They all go down to Cool, Calif.

The Courtney Family from Grass Valley. These stables have been family run since 1965. Don Courtney started them.

(Graziano laughs.)

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