Rutledge released from prison |

Rutledge released from prison

Jeff Clemetson, Sierra Sun

Former Nevada County Sheriff’s Office correctional officer and convicted sex offender Bobby “B.A.” Rutledge Jr. was released from prison last week after serving nearly two years of a six-year sentence.

Rutledge was convicted in 1999 of multiple counts of sexual battery on female inmates at the Nevada County jail in Truckee, where he worked as a correctional officer. The assaults were committed over a four-month period in 1997.

During Rutledge’s trial, two of the inmates swore they were raped by the jailer, but jurors found him not guilty of the charges.

“There were credibility issues as to the two victims,” Nevada County District Attorney Mike Ferguson told reporters at Rutledge’s sentencing hearing in 1999, adding that he was “disappointed but not surprised” by the verdict.

Ferguson said his office wasn’t informed of Rutledge’s release. “This is news to my ears,” he said, adding that his office is informed when people convicted of certain violent felonies are released.

Although Rutledge was acquitted of his most serious charges, the two counts of rape, Ferguson still believes he committed them.

“He was found not guilty of those charges, not cleared of them,” he said.

Rutledge was released from Mule Creek State Prison in Ione on Sept. 6.

With good time credit, work credit and time served in jail before his sentence, he served just two years of his six-year sentence.

According to an anonymous source, Rutledge will serve out his three-year-parole living in Redding, Calif.