Searching for a home |

Searching for a home

Kara Fox
Sierra Sun

Keith Sheffield/ Sierra SunYuridiana, Patricia and Roberto Ramirez look through what's left of their belongings in the burned trailer they used to call home in Kings Beach. The family is currently living in a hotel in Incline Village, but is still looking for another place to live.

The Ramirez family returned Sept. 28 to their Kings Beach mobile home to find it had burned down ” with everything in it.

Now Patricia and Roberto Ramirez are trying to find a way to stay in the area where there two daughters and son go to school. A community effort is underway to raise money and collect supplies for the family, which is now hopping from hotel to hotel.

“Patricia was doing good at Truckee High School and Yuridiana was doing good at North Tahoe, and we were trying to find a way to keep them at their schools,” said Cesar Acosta, community liaison for the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District.

Yuridiana Ramirez, a 17-year-old senior at North Tahoe High School, said her mother and father have “been working hard” while seeking a place for their family to live. The family has moved to Incline Village because they could not find a place in Kings Beach, according to Yuridiana.

The move will force Yuridiana’s sister, Patricia, to transfer from Tahoe Truckee High School to Incline Village High School because of transportation issues; and for their younger brother to attend elementary school in Incline Village rather than Kings Beach. Yuridiana will still attend North Tahoe, but said the move will be difficult for her family.

“I want to graduate at this school and it’s going to be hard to drive to school from Incline in the snow,” Yuridiana said.

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The Truckee community has donated clothes to the Ramirez family and a fund-raiser was held in Truckee to benefit the family.

Acosta said the Red Cross initially helped the family with money for food, lodging and clothes, but said the family is currently in need of bedding and furniture.